The Short Version

- Because I'm short innit -

Greetings, my name is Sam Barnes and I’m a digital project management addict. I’m so passionate about digital project management I can often be found making an unwitting victim’s ears bleed within ten minutes as I hammer home my thoughts on running digital projects.

A photo of Sam on stage behind a lectern in front of one of his slides that says No bullshit meeting talk.

My digital project management philosophy in one slide at DPM:UK14.

Since launching the blog in 2009 I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a whole load of lovely people and this has led to the following work:

A photo of Sam speaking with a shirt and lapel microphone.

Speaking at Happy Cog’s Digital PM Summit 2013 in Philadelphia.

I’m currently UK-based and working as the Development Team Manager at Venntro.

Before this I spent almost two years at Venntro as a Digital Project Manager and many other years deep down in the trenches of funky digital agencies, such as Volume, Rawnet and 3seven9, as a front-end developer, managing digital accounts for the likes of Nokia and managing the delivery of web projects and applications for clients such as BBC, Dell and Oracle.

Whether managing small to medium size websites, mobile apps and websites or large web applications – I’m pretty sure any digital project management causes your hair to fall out.

Having managed so many digital projects and expressed my opinions, perhaps a little too passionately at times, I thought it was time to start writing them down and publishing them online to see what others thought of my ramblings – to my pleasant surprise, some people actually seemed remotely interested and was officially born.

I'm almost the same height as Brett with this perspective.

Speaking at the London DPM Workshop.

The original aim of the blog is the same as it is now, to write about digital project management from a ‘real world’ perspective, to talk about what it’s really like on the front-lines of a digital agency and to crowbar in as many Star Wars references as possible into all posts.

As well as a being a digital project management freak, I am also a self-confessed web junkie and when my Internet connection goes down I can often be found adopting the foetal position, whimpering in the corner of the room, a truly broken man, and unable to answer any questions without Google.

A photo of Sam speaking holding his presentation clicker.

Speaking at DPM:UK14.

Want the full life story? If so, go make a nice cup of tea and then read the long version.

Or take a look at some of the digital projects I’ve worked on.